Take a look at some of the different types of training classes we offer below as well as our typical class schedule. We offer very affordable rates and we can modify any exercise in our class to meet your personal needs. Our classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and help each member achieve their own goals.

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Boot Camp mixes aerobics and strength training. You can expect to build strong and lean muscle, burn body fat, and become conditioned, while having an absolute great time doing it! Participants can select their own weights as well.


TRX (Total Body Resistance Training) was invented by a Navy Seal and has become a staple in the fitness industry! It involves mainly body weight exercises that develop strength, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously using a suspended strap system.


Our yoga classes place great emphasis on aligning the spine and strengthening the core, hips, and back. Sylvia guides your movements and posture throughout your practice. Beginners are welcome. Click here to visit Sylvia’s website for more info.


Every two weeks, a strict 5 day program is sent to your email to prepare you for your race.  This program includes visits to obstacle course gyms for technical education on ropes, monkey bars, cargo nets, walls, rings, and more. Contact us for more info.


H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a form of interval training that utilizes short periods or bursts of intense exercise followed immediately by less intense recovery periods. This process is repeated over a specified period of time.


Want to train at your own pace or maybe just want to get some extra work in? Open gym is the perfect time to do this! Please note that open gym times are not supervised so please use caution and use at your own risk.

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What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is Intensely fun. People love these workouts because of the never boring – fast paced group experience. The camaraderie building session incorporates calisthenics (push ups, sit ups, pull ups), interval training, strength training using free weights (participants can select their own weights). Boot Camp is a military inspired High Intensity workout. Kristin is a Boot Camp guru, she can modify an exercise on the spot, accommodating all levels of fitness. Have an injury? No worries. Kristin is schooled in injury rehabilitation, she will modify any exercise to ensure your workout is safe.

What results can you expect from Boot Camp?

Boot Camp mixes aerobics and strength training. You can expect to build strong and lean muscle, burn body fat, and become conditioned, while having an absolute great time doing it!

What can you expect in Boot Camp?

A fun and supportive environment motivating you towards achieving healthy results. You will learn proper form, fitness techniques, and exceed your previous personal limitations and expectations. There is no better way to stay motivated and get fit.

Ok, So Why is This Boot Camp Better?

Great question. Kristin uses her fitness creativity to ensure her clients are well rounded. Weights range between 5lbs to 100lbs+. Most other Boot Camps do not allow for individuals to select weight based on their ability. All equipment is provided for you. The only thing you need to bring is you! (and some appropriate gym attire/water)


Below is our class schedule. Please note that this schedule will have an occasional change and does vary season to season. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (508) 801-0267.

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