About Contre Fitness

Our Mission is to provide and environment that is fun, supportive, and motivating. A place that makes members feel welcomed and not limited in class due to varying abilities and injuries. Head Coach and Owner, Kristin Contre, specializes in injury prevention, body alignment and body mechanic awareness. It is Kristin’s duty to make sure the exercise given to each individual is benefiting them in muscle building, body safety, and in overall health. Kristin not only helps get her members in shape and achieve their goals, but also educates them on proper techniques of weight training and body mechanics in exercise. Kristin will teach and break down the exercises so you get the full benefit. Classes with Kristin are set up in an unconventional style where she demonstrates and guides all members throughout the entire hour. It’s like having your own personal trainer in a group setting.


Contre Fitness understands the gyms can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to do. We do not support crash diets, gimmicky trends and over training the body. We look to build you up, support you, and educate you. Kristin makes it a priority to create an environment that is comfortable to everyone. No cliques, no judgement, just support.

Meet The Owner

Kristin Contre

I specialize in proper strength training for muscle building, improving body mobility, and over all fitness. My goal is to help you understand how to improve your body weaknesses as well as become a stronger you. Are you experiencing nagging body aches or just finished Physical Therapy and need more continue training and guidance? My job is to help overcome these weaknesses and obstacles that stand in your way. I will provide you with knowledge, safety, and effective exercises that allow you to return or continue to the other activities you love. Today’s fitness industry can really make us feel insecure and not good about our bodies. I am making it my mission to create an atmosphere to accept ourselves and to enjoy the process of becoming, maintaining and improving a healthy version of who we are.


Not feeling ready for classes just yet? We offer personal training. Working with our coaches will hold you accountable, guide you through your workout, teach you how to perform each exercise properly, and will help keep you motivated. We offer weekly coaching sessions in a semi-private setting.

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Personalized Exercise Plans

If you are a self-motivate person looking for an exercise program, well, we offer that too! Book a fitness consultation with one of our coaches. We will go over your fitness needs, overall goals, and expectations for your fitness journey. From there, a customized program will be created for you.

Evaluations plus and exercise plan prescription starts at $150.00

Step 1: In Person Assessment

  • Identify your mobility restrictions
  • Identify your fitness goals
  • Identify your timeline to achieve this goal
  • Identify any hindering factors toward your goal and find preventative ways to mitigate it within the timeline.
  • Identify what actions must be taken in order to fully achieve your fitness goal.

Step 2: Exercise Plan Prescription

  • Receive a four-weeks strength and mobility program based on your goals, current fitness level, and medical history via email.
  • Unlimited e-mail support with response within one week for four weeks.

The Benefits Of Having A Personalized Program:


We develop programs with the equipment you have available. We help you work around your schedule to achieve your goal faster.


Your program is created based on your needs and your goals. It is very specific to you.


Individualized programming for a whole month is less than the price of a whole month of personal training 1x/Wk.

Contre Fitness Member Class Requirements:

We require a 45-min assessment before you become a member of Contre Fitness to identify any mobility restrictions and become familiar with our main compound lifts:

  • Squat (Goblet, Back Squat)
  • Deadlift (Conventional, Romanian)
  • Lunge
  • D.B Row (One-arm, Two-arm, Overhand Bar Row, Underhand Bar Row)
  • Pull-Up/Chin-Up
  • Push-Up
  • D.B Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
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